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Regimen System

Regimen System

Enjoy a graceful physique via the perfect and modern apparatus by  sensai Spa  

This is an equipment assigned for breaking the body-fats, that. enable for decreasing Cellulite and tightening the body in same time.


Such method help you to dispose the Cellulite trouble from its roots and rebuild a new cells (Collagen) via dissolution die fatty cell using the thermo treating. Therefore, you'll benefit a graceful body and more activation after decreasing the Cellulite influence, accordingly tightening the body safety and easify, you can notice the difference from the first course. 

The course shall begin a gently skinning, fixing the mask for skin diminution and then involving all body by a thermal layer to increase the mask's activation degree, and finally the massage process using natural oils.

Boutique Massage
This is a new method consisting from marine clay & sea-salts. Such mixture help you for whitening the darken areas and tightening the body to appear more elegance.


Paraffin is one of the natural remedies that enable for treating rheumatism and muscle pains, also play an important role for disposing the toxins out of the body, in addition to decreasing the fat rates for a reasonable slim body.

Sauna "Hammam"

Sauna "Hammam"

  1. Moroccan bath (sauna ) : It's a famous traditional sauna that enable you for cleaning the body and removing the died skin because of its natural ingredient e,g.; olive oil and Moroccan oil, and then rubbing down the body using the Moroccan bath sponge, at end; washing by rose-water that grant you fully smoothness, cleaning and fineness.
  2. Turkish bath (sauna) :It's a sauna via rubbing down the body which award you relaxation of tension and refreshing skin, protect your .Skin's dry, grant you smoothness and sweet-smelling. Also, such sauna fights the pimples appear on your face because of utilizing the saline-water, as a result grant you velvety & softy skin.


It may add some ingredients as follows:

Milk: milky extraction for body grant you smoothness and sweet-smelling.

Mud: it's a mixture of natural mud and natural oils to form a natural mask for all body parts, accordingly such mixture could dispose the face- pimples in addition to skin tightening and decreasing its congestion.

Herbal: herbals generally help for skin softness and relaxation of tension.



  • Relaxation Oil Massage : this method help for body's relax,because of the more merits of oil interests.
  • Purity Massage: such method enable the body for disposal of poison and harmful items .
  • Slimness Massage : such method enable the body for disposal of harmful fats and restore the human physique.
  • Activating Massage : this manner enable the !Jody for relaxation of tension, treating for muscular tightening in addition to activate the circulation of the blood.
  • Conch Massage: this is a created massage method by utilizing the sea self-heating conch mixed by natural oil sand mineral saltpeter which activate the circulation of the blood, in addition to increase the suction degree for necessary material. Also, relaxation of tension and exhaustion ..... it's definitely unique experiment.
  • Heated Stone : Such method is mainly depend on the heating stone which active the lymphatic circulation] help for more relaxation and body's power balance.



  • Tay Activation Remedy: by this gorgeous (Tai Thermo-Massage) method you can be free of strain] that such manner include a warm herbal bag help for pores open and permeation of the remedy-heating to treat the muscle pains. Hence, you can live in comfort and luxury when utilizing the original oil consisting from mint and mandarin which bear you for a trip of fully smoothness.
  • The way to Quietness World "Kamatan" : it's a magic world of warm herbal bag's technique and thermal-massage help for nerve's quietness, peace of mind and tension purity.
  • Art of Remedy "Mohoum" : it's a remedy help you for disposing the body's toxins, as a result you can feel relaxation and nerve's quietness, in addition the main role for rebuild the human-body's balance.
  • Vigor Refreshing "Anami" :. this is a perfect remedy specially for backache, also reinforcing the body-immunity and help you for disposing the body's toxins, in addition to rebuild the human-body's balance.


Skin Beauty Refreshing

  • Royal Remedy via Seven Flowers: my lady, you're a gemand deserving for a fancy royal remedy that consisting from marvelous set of flowers known of the. natural remedy factors. Simply you can rub your skin by such mix,accordingly you can feel refresh sense and tension & mind purity.
  • Skinning Whitener: this remedy is specially manufactured for deeply cleaning & disinfection for your body, starting with skin peeling by natural fruit's acid, as are sult you can dispose of the died cell and enjoy a whitened skin.
  • Golden Triangle: my lady, you can enjoy a distinguished peeling of a golden powder that extracted from the TANK tree to obtain a shining and velvety skin. Therefore enjoy the Asian massage for your spirit refreshing.
  • Samsarah: samsarah is unique peeling method via the marine-salts that extracted and supplied from the Andaman-Sea. Such salts are mixed together special oil for purifying and disinfection the body .... and then you can feel the refreshment and soft to the touch.
  • Aloes Perfume Massage: the. royal remedy commencing by the natural flower's softness and then rub down the body utilizing the sweet-smelling oils within a quietness condition of the original aloes perfume.
  • Golden Massage: starting by peeling to remove the died skin, and then rubbing down by the golden granules.
  • Pearls Massage : it's a luxurious care before any important occasion, that starting by softness peeling for body and lips and then sweet-smelling gel sauna followed by a creamy massage consisting from pearls granules.
  • Gowanda : this method starting by peeling of rice-granules and rubbing down by jasmine oil, and then enjoy the milky bathtub (Jacuzzi) equipped with the natural rose and jasmine essence which grant you a permanent and diffu sea strong odor before any occasion.


Herbal Bags

  • Relaxation Herbals : enjoy a relaxation herbal bath to remove the fatigue and daily nervous tension, and then take pleasure in fully relaxation because of the mixing of perfect natural oils.
  • Vatiny : enjoy a massage that purify your body from to xins and then benefit a herbal bath to refresh your necessary energy, accordingly correspondence for the balance between the body and mind.


Tai Body's Mask

  • Honey Massage: remedy for anti-wrinkles, starting by a gentle skinning to remove the died skin layer in aim of prepare the skin to benefit a body mask rich with the main oils and pure water together the white Tai mask.
  • Physique Organizer : it's an ideal remedy for muscle improving and rebuild the body physique starting by rubbing down the body and then fixing the smoothness mask rich of the natural oils and pure water together the white Tai mask, and finally completing the massage by cool gel that assisting for pore's tightening and improving the skin touch.


Body's Covering

  • Vigor and youth activator: this remedy starting by rubbing down the body using the moisturizer material to remove the died skin layer and to prepare a new soft skin, also covering the body to increase the activity degree for skin's moisture balance and protect the body's energy. And then performing the massage using the natural oils to remove the nervous tension and create more relaxation sense.
  • Skin Tightening Care : my lady, we're inviting you to forget anxiety and to enjoy this mixture of green tea and white mask in addition to the sweet-smelling oily massage.
  • Paraffin: involving by a thermal layer and wax to remove the body fatigue and disposing the toxins & extra-water out of the body.
  • Marine seaweed Massage : such method starting by a sweet-smelling seaweed mask and then involving all body,and finally the massage process to purify the body from harmful toxins and activate the circulation of blood.
  • Karatshab: at first, gently skinning, fixing the mask for skin diminution and then involving all body by a thermal layer to increase the mask's activation degree, and finally the massage process using natural oils.


Hands and Foot's Care

  • Silky Smoothness Hand: enjoy your hand via benefiting the superior botanical remedies,starting by mild peeling, involving the hand by rich vitamins material which feeding the nails and treat the darken stains.
  • Foot cosmetology : it's a gorgeous experiment that implement the fully relaxation, starting by mild skinning and then locate both foots in a warm oily bath for more relaxation of tension, accordingly you can feel refresh tension and more agility.