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Welcome to our website ………where every women interested in the beauty and elegance for her look ……..also we welcoming your suggestions and opinions.

Skin Care


Payot French Treatment

Payot French Treatment

Initial facial : To clean the skin and prepare it for other treatments .it sits all types of skins .Payot deep 


cleansing facial : new invention of cleaning and caring concept .it includes two masks , face and neck massage and effective products for all types of skins .


Intensive care for dry skin(Hydrating) : To nourish the skin and quench its thirst vistad your face softness and Brilliance .The small wrinkles caused by dryness will disappear as well as the feel of skin tautly .


Purify treatment :A treatment for acne. It gives balance for the fat of the face .it also sterilize the skin .

Oily skin treatment (Matify ) :Deep cleaning to regain the balance of the sebaceous glands secretions.


Sensitive skin treatment :To prevent invitation of the skin and reduce pain and itching caused by allergies .


Exhausted skin treatment :stimulating and energizing the skin to revive and brighten it.


De-stress eyes treatment :anti oxidation treatment to fight the panda eyes and age wrinkles around the eyes .


Collagen : intensive nutrition for wrinkles and tiny lines of skins .







Special care

Special care

Special care for around the eyes : anti aging and tiny wrinkles treatment .


Vitamin C nourishing treatment : anti -oxidantswith highly concentrated treatment to feedcollagen cells and give the skin the requiredfreshness .

Hisiris treatment : for sensitive irritated ,dryskin and for revitalization .


New white eye treatment : especially to feedand moisturize the eyes area .it also helps toclear the wrinkles and darkness around theeyes .


Face peeling

Face peeling

Crystal peel : to remove the upper layers of skins will a unique ideal peeling by the crystal sands.


Green peel: natural plants and herbs peelwithout any chemicals or additions .It isconsidered as an alternative treatment to theplastic surgery it reduce pores ,wrinkles andmarks an arms ,thighs and abdomen with aspecial care after peeling .


Easy peel : TCI peeling means easy because it doesn't need to prepare the skin before peeling or cause any pain or need recovery after that .it works effectively as a treatment of wrinkles ,skin pigmentation and dark spots and pores ,WAN.